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Our Sustainable Livelihoods

PODEOU  came up with this project aimed at social and economic empowerment of the most vulnerable women in Bunyoro Sub-Region as a way of uplifting and their households. PROJECT OBJECTIVES. 1)      Create awareness among rural women. 2)      To increase participation in 3)      To increase local production by providing farming techniques and improved inputs. 4)      To improve on processing, storage facilities and … Read More

Skilling Women and Youths

AFRICYEG emphasizes skilling of the youths through rudimentary skills in agribusiness, DIT vocational courses such as brick laying, mechanics, tailoring, carpentry and electronics to fight unemployment. We also empower women in rudimentary and basic skills for sustainable livelihoods such as basket making, Craft shoes making, tailoring etc.

Health and sanitation

As One of the objectives of AFRICYEG we support community members so that they can access clean water and have Hygienic practices such as making reusable sanitary pads for girl children and protect children and vulnerable people in the community.  


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Our agriculture program

As part of ministry of Agriculture and Health wide campaign to encourage a higher consumption of fruit and vegetables, we are carrying out an Eat Greens campaign.  People form groups. These groups apply for free vegetable seeds, from PODEOU. They make communal nursery beds from which each member of the group can take seedlings to grow at their homesteads. … Read More

Post With A Video

Did you know that working with video is a piece of cake in WordPress? All you have to do is place the video’s URL if it’s on a service like YouTube or Vimeo on it’s own line, and WordPress will automatically fetch and display the vide for you. Just like this: It even displays a … Read More

Post With a Featured Image

This is a simple post to show how things look with a featured image. The image will appear above the post title when viewed from the main blog page. It’s a good way to pull your visitors into the post with something that really catches their attention. A fantastic plugin that makes featured images even … Read More

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