Polish Development  (PODEOU) is a non– governmental Organization (NGO) with full legal status in Uganda. PODEOU was founded in Nyabyeya, Masindi District in Western Uganda  on 18th January 2019, in memory of the Polish nationals who lived in Nyabyeya during the period of 1942-1948.

During a workshop organized Uganda-Polish Catholic development , surviving polish families since 1943 up to date, saw it necessary to establish a network with the community in Nyabyeya, in the form of an association or body, so as to sustain the historic link and heritage with the polish people and also contribute to community and national development.

It was started with the aim of improving the quality of life of the local community in four dimensions: Health, Education, Sustainable Community Development and Agriculture.


Empowerment for sustainable development in health, education, agriculture and establishment of Nyabyeya as a national Historical cultural Heritage.


To create and maintain national and international relationship for social economic development of Uganda


The organization and its Members shall operate and abide by the following core values:

  1. Mutual respect, requiring them to recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity;
  2. Equity and Justice: We ensure equal opportunity for everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, HIV status, class, ethnicity, disability, location or religion.
  3. Transparency: Being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of their actions and open in their judgments and communications with others.
  4. Solidarity with the poor, powerless and excluded people in the community.
  5. Courage of conviction, requiring them to be creative and radical, bold and Innovative – without fear or failure – in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the community.
  6. Independance from any religious or party-political affiliation;
  7. Humility in their presentation and behavior, recognizing that they are part of a wider alliance against poverty, injustice and bring about development in the community.


  1.  Build international relations.
  2. To raise the standard of living for the people of Uganda.
  3. To eradicate poverty and injustice throughout Uganda
  4. To educate and engage the public concerning the causes, effects, and means of eradication of such poverty and injustice;
  5. To start income-generating activities for Nyabyeya Community and other parts of Uganda
  6. To have exchange visits and sharing in cultural activities of the people of Uganda and Poland
  7. To strengthen cultural heritage of Uganda and Poland.
  8. To establish a historical library in Nyabyeya and carry out exhibitions.