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    The surviving families since 1943 up to now saw the importance and potential of having an international community Umbrella association or National community association which can make both Ugandans and the Polish people come together and develop, share their common mission and objectives in community development. A great collaboration with the polish Government is done through the Nairobi Embassy.

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  • Tourism and Agriculture

    We encourage tree planting to conserve the environment. Below is PODEOU’s tree planting project in Nyabyeya-Masindi where trees are first grown in form of seeds in the nursery bed and later transferred to the mother garden. It is part of a great richness that we need to preserve that will allow people not only to visit the monument of the Polish tradition, but also the forest and nature we have.

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  • Did you know?

    “That between 1942-1951 Uganda housed over 6,400 polish refugees who were escaping brutalities of the second world war. The refugee camps were set up in Nyabyeya- Masindi district and Koja(Mpunga) in Mukono district. “

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    The families of Nyabyeya stay in a sugar cane growing zone where they just have just a house and a small plot where they can grow some vegetables making them food insecure. Great thanks to the Rotary Club Warsaw – Wilanow which has funded our Food Relief Aid which has enabled Podeou to support, 218 families, with food.

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  • Education for all

    PODEOU management took up the challenge and started supporting children from very poor families who dropped out of school and had resorted to staying on the streets.

    Kabango primary school is a Government Aided catholic founded the primary school in Masindi district. It was founded in 1974 by Rev Father Jino….

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Podeou has been serving more than 300 families in Masindi district and You can be part of those reading this news and be our voices where you live.

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